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Version Management

December 4, 2023
September 27, 2023

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When you define and store assembly processes, you should consider some important points regarding version management and release of new versions.

Version release

Once you have made a change to your assembly process and saved it, you can release a new version to production. This release does not mean that it will be immediately activated in production.

Loading a new version

The new version you have released will not be loaded until a variant of the assembly process is restarted. This means:

Variants already running: Variants that were already started before a new version was released are not affected by the changes. They continue to run with the version they were started with.

Newly started variants: Any variant started after a new version is released will run with the latest released version.

Finish variants

It is important to note that variants started with an older version must also be completed in that version. This ensures consistency and reliability of the assembly process.


Releasing a new version in the flowchart editor does not immediately affect all running processes. Instead, only new variants that are started after the release are executed with the latest version. This ensures that processes that have already been started are not interrupted or affected.