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Update 2024-04-27 Notes

Update 2024-04-27 Notes

May 30, 2024
April 29, 2024

Table of Content

Stahlwille Tool Support & SmartTower optimization

  • New OpenProtocol controller version for Stahlwille tools is now available. Read this article for more informations.
  • SmartTower weight per component has been changed from 6g to 0.4g, as the average weight per component can now be calculated. Weight calculation has been optimized to improve accuracy.

Upcoming improvements in the next update

  • Bug in the image editor fixed, because sometimes JPEGS could not be edited and the UI froze
  • Shortcuts for copy & paste in the image editor are supported with ALT + left mouse button and drag & drop
  • Image editor UI updated to show supported shortcuts
  • Export of components and variants is supported
  • UX/UI improvement when selecting or creating new lines in the station details improved
  • UX/UI improvement when selecting or creating new tool tags in the tool details improved
  • The name "Toolbox" in the Flowchart Editor has been changed to "Library"