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June 11, 2024
June 11, 2024

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This article describes how to connect a Stahlwille Manoscope 766 to ELAM Solutions.

Connection overview

The Stahlwille Manoscope communicates with ELAM Solutions via OpenProtocol. A SWA5 client is required as a gateway to use the Stahlwille tool.

Required Hardware

  • Stahlwille Manoskop 766 with battery
  • Stahlwille radio module for Manoskop 766
  • Stahlwille controller with power supply and LAN cable
  • Stahlwille radio basis station with USB-Cable
  • SWA5 Mini Client WiFi or higher

Required Software

  • Stahlwille Guidemaster Software (Compatible with Windows)

Stahlwille Configuration

Before the manoscope can be used as a tool in ELAM, the Stahlwille hardware must be configured through the Guidemaster software.

Stahlwille Passwords

To be able to connector with the WiFi Hotspot of Stahlwille controller you need a password.

  • Passwort for WiFi : STWController

Setup IP-Adresses of Stahlwille controller

The Stahlwille controller must be set to the static IP address between - If more than one device is connected to the SWA5, the IP address of the device must be unique and be in the IP address range -

In step 1, you must connect to the controller in order to change the IP address. This works as follows:

  1. Switch on Stahlwille Controller
  2. Press the power button on the controller twice.
  3. Wait 60 seconds until the controller has restarted
  4. If the yellow LED on the controller lights up twice in succession, the connection can be established via WiFi.

In step 2, you must connect to the controller via WiFi. This works as follows:

  1. Click on WiFi settings on your desktop PC/laptop
  2. Search for WiFi devices
  3. Click on the "Controller766-XXXX" connection
  4. Enter the default password "STWController"
  5. Connect to the controller
Stahlwille Controller Hotspot

In step 3, start the Guidemaster software and connect to the controller. This works as follows:

  1. Enter the controller name under Connection > Name. The name of the controller can be found on the back of the device.
  2. Click on the IP? Button (Explanation: With this function, the software searches for the device and reads out the IP address. If you click on the IP? button several times, a different IP address is automatically displayed)
  3. If the controller was found, the current IP address is displayed in the IP address field
Guidemaster Software - Find Controller

In step 4, you must connect to the controller so that the IP address can be changed. This works as follows:

  1. Click on Connect on the button
  2. When the connection is established, a green circle is displayed to indicate "connected"
Connect Guidemaster to Controller

In step 5, change the ip-adress. This works as follows:

  1. Enter the IP address "" in the IP address field
  2. Click on the Change IP address button
  3. Confirm the change in the next dialog
  4. The controller restarts after 45-60 seconds
Guidemaster Software - Change Controller IP-Address

Setup programs/ psets

Individual programs for the tools are stored in the controller.

Guidemaster Software - Pset configuration for Tools

The Psets can be managed in the Add/edit joint area.

Guidemaster Software - Pset config
Note: You must enter your tool numbers in the Tools section of the Guidemaster software so that the tool can be selected when setting the Pset.

To save the settings, always click on this button in the top right-hand corner of the bar:

Guidemaster Software - Save button

Setup NOK behaviour

Always activate the function per controller so that the NOK screw connections are not counted by the tools.

Guidemaster Software - Setup Auto retighten behaviour

Create Stahlwille Manoskop as Tool in ELAM

Connect the Stahlwille hardware to each other. Ensure that the Stahlwille controller is connected to the STATIC port of the SWA5 client via LAN.

The manoscope is automatically created as a tool with its tool number in the software if the connection has worked successfully. The tool is assigned to a station at the end and can be controlled via the usual screwdriving steps.

ELAM Solutions - Stahlwille Tool


I don't have Guidemaster software, where can I get it?

You will receive the Guidemaster software from your service provider when you purchase the product. Alternatively, you can request the free Guidemaster software on the manufacturer's website.

The ELAM Assistant constantly shows me that my tool is connected, even though it is switched off. Why is this the case?

Initially, this is not an error. ELAM establishes the connection to the tool indirectly via the controller. This means that as long as the controller is switched on and connected to the SWA5 via the network, the connection is also displayed as connected. It is not technically possible to detect that a Stahlwille tool is not connected.

How do I reset the IP address of the Stahlwille controller?

Click the power button twice. The controller restarts after 60 seconds. All settings except for the IP address are not reset.

Where are the programs for my Stahlwille tools set?

Programs are always set to the Stahlwille controller for the tools. The Stahlwille Guidemaster software is required for this.

Can I connect the Stahlwille controller to a PC via USB and access it?

No. Either the Stahlwille controller is connected to the PC via LAN cable or you access the device via WiFi hotspot.

What is the WiFi password for the hotspot?

Password is: STWController

How do Stahlwille tools communicate with ELAM?

Communication takes place via OpenProtocol.