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Update 2024-07-03 Notes

Update 2024-07-03 Notes

July 2, 2024
July 2, 2024

Table of Content

Fixed bugs

  • Scan step did not process the " / " character correctly, as a result of which some scan codes were not accepted.
  • When copying the "Free choices" step in the flowchart editor, paths were not copied correctly.
  • Continuation of production orders sometimes did not work if a station step was the first step in the flowchart.
  • Completed products were still displayed in the order management list.
  • List of launched products sometimes did not display current products.


  • Loading time optimised in the assistant when a station is loaded for the first time.


  • The "Documents" page in the administration is now called Files. In addition, there are now two different list views on the page for files (images, PDFs and videos) and one for ZPL files for labels only.
  • SmartTower API supports new firmware for the individual control units. Old firmware versions are still supported.
  • ERP-Connector REST API updated and now supports the full range of functions. Further details and full documentation can be found here.

New features

Ingersoll Rand INSIGHTqcx Steuerung Integration


With this release, ELAM Solutions supports the integration of the Ingersoll Rand INSIGHTqcx controller. Users can now connect their INSIGHTqcx controller to the Smart Work Assistant (SWA) 5 Client WiFi via Ethernet and OpenProtocol.

Main features:

  • Connection via OpenProtocol Controller
  • Support for OpenProtocol version 1.6 and firmware version
  • Standard network settings for SWA and INSIGHTqcx
  • Automatic recognition and management of the tool in ELAM Solutions

Technical requirements:

  • SWA5 Mini Client WiFi or SWA5 Client WiFi
  • Username: admin
  • Password: ingersoll

Further details and full instructions on how to set it up can be found here.

ZPL Printer Integration


This release enables support for ZPL (Zebra Print Language) printers in ELAM Solutions. Users can now connect ZPL printers to create and print labels directly from the SWA5 Mini or normal client.

Main features:

  • Support for Zebra ZT410, Zebra GK420t and ZD420 printers.
  • Automatic IP address detection and printer configuration via DHCP.
  • Creation and printing of labels via ELAM Solutions with ZPL code.
  • Use of ELAM-specific placeholders for printing dynamic values.
  • Preview of graphic labels in ELAM Administration

Technical requirements:

  • SWA5 Mini Client or SWA5 Client
  • LAN connection to the DHCP port of the client

Further details and full setup instructions can be found here.

Upcoming features in the next updates

Stay tuned for these exciting new features that will make your work with ELAM Solutions even more efficient!

Split flowcharts into sections and link them

This feature makes it possible to divide flowcharts into sections and logically link sections together. In addition, individual sections can be displayed as required in the ELAM Assistant.

Delete started and completed products

This feature makes it possible to delete products that have been started or completed. This means that data that is no longer required can be permanently deleted.

Repeat flowchart steps in the ELAM Assistant

This feature makes it possible to repeat steps that have already been acknowledged in the ELAM assistant. Repeated steps are declared as "Rework" and logged.

Evaluate components in the ELAM evaluation

This feature makes it possible to analyse components in the ELAM evaluation that were recorded during production. Components are linked to products so that further details can be displayed immediately.

Upload photos via smartphone directly in the ELAM Assistant

This feature makes it possible to scan a QR code via smartphone to directly upload photos of the active step.