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Update 2023-07-26 Notes

Update 2023-07-26 Notes

December 4, 2023
September 20, 2023

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A new ELAM Solutions version has been released. Find out here which new features and optimizations have been deployed.

Bitcube Tool

With our latest software update, ELAM Solutions supports Bitcube Tools. Bitcube controllers will be automatically installed on all Smart Work Assistants in the background in the coming days.

How does it work?

A Bitcube is powered by a power pack and connected directly to a SWA's DHCP port via an RJ-45 LAN cable. After a few seconds, the Bitcube is automatically created as a tool in the system and is ready for use.

A bitcube can hold up to 6 bits next to each other. During the assembly of ELAM, LED status displays ensure that the correct bit is removed for the next screw connection and that missing bits are put back into the correct slots. The bits are recorded via integrated sensors. Several Bitcubes can be connected to an SWA and used via an external switch. When you order a Bitcube, the sizes of the bit slots are milled individually.

A new step template has been added to the flowchart editor to control the Bitcube. Usage is very easy. Just select it from the list of available step templates, select bit 1-6 to be extracted later.

What are the advantages?

A Bitcube saves time when looking for the right bits for screw connections. At the same time, the risk of errors is reduced because the right bits are always used for the next tightenings. A Bitcube is particularly suitable for quality assurance when there are high tool changes.


Flowchart Editor

  • When copying & pasting texts from Word into the HTML editor, the text formatting can be deleted using the "Erase" button
  • The icons for the step templates have been optimized
  • The "Simple View" flowchart view has been disabled by default to improve navigating large flowcharts. The setting can be activated in the flowchart at any time using the gear icon.
  • The click behavior on the individual steps has been optimized so that the anchor points for drawing the connections are displayed immediately
  • Copies of flowchart steps with dates and connections is now possible. Note: It is currently not possible to copy steps from one system to other systems because images are currently not automatically uploaded to the new system when they are pasted.
  • In the "Value comparison" step template, lower and upper limits can be defined with 5 decimal places


  • A new HTML viewer has been implemented so that formatted text is displayed 1:1 the same as in the HTML editor.
  • The image quality for the displayed images in the wizard has been increased from 1050px to 1280px.
  • Video streaming has been optimized to display videos faster.


  • If the Step-Template "Station" is used in the flowchart, then the station name is displayed in the product history.

Fixed Bugs

  • In the start form of the assistant, extremely long texts are dynamically truncated in the drop-down of the variant with "…".
  • A clear error message is displayed in the wizard if a flowchart contains missing data or assignments.
  • The language switch is automatically updated in the evaluation without the browser page having to be reloaded

Coming soon

The next update is expected to take place in mid-August. With this update we have prepared the backend for upcoming new features.


  • Define checklists that users must answer with yes or no during assembly. The checklist is implemented as a new step template and supports the connections OK or NOK.

NOK Connections for Tightening-Steps

  • Define optional NOK connections for tightening steps in the flowchart editor.

Input / Output Controller

  • Connect I/O devices to the SWA5 Client WiFi. Check any inputs or set the outputs to control your sensors, actuators, screwdrivers, etc., for example.