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Update 2023-02-16 Notes

Update 2023-02-16 Notes

May 30, 2024
September 15, 2023

Table of Content

Fixed Bugs

  • Save button is not activated in the flowchart
  • Unsaved changes in the flowchart always leads to the flowchart overview
  • Image preview: The uploaded image is displayed very large
  • Flowchart: saving directly from step does not update flowchart display
  • Files in version history are not displayed immediately
  • Image preview: On 2nd opening the image is no longer displayed
  • Flowchart: DevConsole: expression changed error
  • Icon in JsonFormEditor still have the static path
  • Icons in image editor still have the wrong source
  • Assistant logs out after some time
  • Flowchart occasionally no longer starts in the wizard
  • History is not loaded in Analytics
  • In the Analytics we display Chinese 2x for selection
  • Component scan does not process RegEx scan specification
  • Stability of Analytics in general improved
  • Flowchart behavior optimized

Neue Functions

  • New document overview
  • Shows a complete overview of all documents that exist in the system.
  • Upload of new documents such as images, videos and PDFs still possible via a button or drag & drop.
  • Direct assignments to stations and variants possible.

Note: The Assistant cannot currently play videos using the document selector. This feature will be made available in the coming weeks.

  • Group permissions
  • Groups can now get individual access rights to the functions within the administration. In this article you will find all the necessary information about group permissions.
  • Image editor
  • In Flowchart, the image editor can be used to edit images afterwards.
  • Supported objects
  • Arrows
  • Donut circles
  • Rectangle
  • Text
  • Lines
  • Colors (white, red, orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, gray, black)
  • Supported functions
  • Mouse pointer to move the object
  • Delete button
  • Not supported functions
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Open and close menu
  • The menu can now be expanded and collapsed in the administration. When you hover the mouse, the menu is displayed again.
  • Flowchart view and edit mode
  • In view mode , the flowchart can only be viewed.
  • In edit mode , the flowchart can be edited and saved as usual. As soon as the flowchart is exited, the flowchart automatically switches to view mode.

Note: This feature is still being extended to prevent more than one person from editing the same flowchart in the future.

  • New Step Type PIN Authorization in Flowchart
  • This step allows to set up to 3 outputs individually by groups. At least one group must be selected in the DropDown, the rest is optional. In the wizard, the operator is prompted to enter his personal PIN at this step. If an operator is in more than one group, the first group that the system finds to the user is taken. We do not recommend assigning users to multiple groups.
  • Use Cases
  • If certain operators should see different processes in the wizard
  • When authorizations are needed for certain flows in the flowchart
  • If only certain operators are authorized to execute processes
  • Show PIN authorization in the Assistant
  • Operators can easily authorize themselves via the PIN step. Error messages are clearly displayed. The PIN step cannot be skipped and requires a valid entry.
  • New Step Type Station Change in Flowchart
  • This step allows you to set a fixed station sequence for your variant. The assistant checks whether the variant is being processed at the correct station and gives the worker all the necessary information about which stations to continue at. It is not mandatory to use this step. By assigning a flowchart to variants+stations, operators can start the variants at any station as before.
  • Use Cases
  • If variants (general products) are to be manufactured in a specific station sequence
  • If the variant is to be ejected in certain situations
  • If tools (screwdriver, scanner etc... ) are only available at certain stations
  • Show station change in the Assistant
  • Operators get an info in the flowchart if they should continue working at another station. The flowchart must simply be canceled (See blue arrow as indicator).