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Update 2023-01-17 Notes

Update 2023-01-17 Notes

May 30, 2024
September 15, 2023

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Preface - Since the last update, we have focused on improving the performance and stability of the wizard. In addition, we have developed some new features for the administration and improved the usability of the flowchart. Additionally, a method of archiving data has been introduced to the dashboard so that important KPI's and metrics can be quickly accessed in the future. More details about the update are described in the following sections.

Bug fixes

  • When releasing flowcharts, the last comments are deleted.
  • The following designations have been changed:
  • Variant number > Variant ID
  • Component number > Component ID
  • When deleting variant assignments in the flowchart, the table is now updated correctly.
  • When saving a flowchart without a title, an understandable error message is now displayed.
  • An error message has been adjusted when entering a flowchart title or station name that already exists.
  • The stability of the wizard has been adjusted. (BETA)
  • During the beta test phase, there were loading problems with the assistant. Due to the fact that a live websocket connection is established, the cache of the previously loaded data in the web browser was not loaded properly.

UX customizations

  • Context buttons in the administration were adjusted by design.
  • When uploading videos in single steps, the display is active until the upload is complete.
  • When dragging the flowchart connections, a warning message is no longer displayed.

New functions administration

  • Save step positions in the flowchart*.

*Pleasenote! If you open an existing flowchart after the update, individual steps and connections are displayed overlaid on a position. The steps must be repositioned once.

Reason: Before the update, X and Y coordinates were not saved. Thus the individual steps have the coordinates X=0 and Y=0. The behavior will not occur in the future when new flowcharts are created and saved.

Example Video: Screen Recording (01/16/2023 14-46-19)

  • Previous behavior: After saving the flowchart, the positions of the steps were repositioned automatically.
  • Disadvantage: As soon as branches were used, the automatic positioning had a negative impact on usability.
  • Current behavior: After saving the flowchart, the steps are no longer repositioned automatically. The positions and connections remain as set up by the user.
  • Image editor* (alpha version)
  • Uploaded images in the flowchart can be edited in an editor
  • *Please note!  The editor is still in an alpha version. Program errors still exist. In the upcoming update, the full range of functions can be used.
  • Delete flowcharts
  • Flowcharts can be deleted via a multi-select on the "Flowchart overview" page.
  • Create lines & group stations
  • Individual stations can be grouped into lines
  • Stations can be moved to other lines via drag & drop
  • Stations without assigned lines are clearly displayed on the "Station overview" page
  • When creating / editing stations, a new line name can be specified directly.
  • Stations can be removed from a line using the "X" button.
  • Existing lines can be selected in the DropDown selection.
  • Lines are deleted as soon as no stations are assigned to the line.
  • Open Dashboard in Administration
  • The dashboard for evaluations can be accessed directly via the administration menu

New functions wizard

  • Multilingual language change is supported
  • Note: We have noticed during testing that when switching languages, the start form is displayed in the active flowchart. We are actively working on a solution so that the active flowchart will still be displayed when switching languages.
  • Select steps in the progress bar
  • Individual steps can be selected and viewed in the progress display . As soon as steps are selected, a call-to-action button is activated to quickly jump back to the active step.

New functions dashboard

  • Evaluations of KPI's on the products page (alpha version)
  • For the dashboard, a method has been implemented in the backend in the past week to be able to archive data in the cloud. Archived data will be used to calculate statistics for key KPI's and metrics in the future. This optimizes the performance of data queries instead of accessing raw data in the past.
  • The following KPIs have been added to the Products page in the update and are still being evaluated in testing:
  • Assembly time - The assembly time is calculated from the duration of the active steps in the flowchart. Time is recorded per active step and calculated at assembly time after the flowchart is completed.
  • Deviation - Displays the percentage deviation of the assembly time from the median.
  • First Pass - Indicates which variants have the  status "OK were performed 100% without a rework or the status MOK.
  • Page First Pass Yield (Alpha Version)
  • In the future, the First Pass Yield page will be used to display variants that have passed without rework or the Manual OK status. We are aware that a high number of variants will be logged later in production. Therefore, we decided to use a bar chart to compare several variants.
  • The status of the variants behaves as follows:
  • Status OK - All variants that have 100% of the  Step status OK have.
  • Status NOK - All variants with at least one step reworked, or with  Manual OK has been confirmed.