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Starter Kit

Starter Kit

May 30, 2024
May 1, 2024

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The starter kit is designed to introduce new users to the basics of ELAM Solutions using a practical assembly example for a key organizer and to make it easy to get started. The starter kit includes the SWA5 Mini Client WiFi industrial computer, which allows you to connect the enclosed screwdriver and scanner.

Variant: Key-Organizer

Login to your ELAM Solutions Starter Kit system

On the back of the SWA5 Mini Client WiFi there is a standard username and password for logging into your ELAM Solutions starter kit system. You can log into the system using any browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome).

Note: The ELAM Administration app already contains a flowchart for the Key Organizer. The flowchart can be started in the ELAM Assistant app via the Key Organizer variant. To start it, the variant can be selected in the start form or scanned and started using the attached QR code
Template Flowchart Key-Organizer

Scope of the Starter Kit

  • ELAM Solutions Professional license
  • SWA5 Mini Client WiFi with a monitor mounting plate with screws
  • ELAM Smart Cordless Screwdriver WiFi with 2x battery und 1x charger
  • Torx T10 Bit, suitable for the screws of the key organizer
  • Datalogic USB-Scanner with holder
  • Screwing device with magazine with 4 sets (Assembly example)
  • 1,5 m RJ45 LAN cable
Hardware Scope

Video instruction

This video guide shows step by step how to install the hardware and how to start the Key Organizer variant in the ELAM Assistant app.

Starter Kit Hardware Connectivity

This overview shows how to connect the hardware.

  • SWA5 Mini Client WiFi: Connected to power and network (Internet). The ELAM Assistant application is started automatically in the browser when the connection to the cloud is established.
  • USB Scanner: Is connected to the SWA5 Mini Client WiFi via USB.
  • ELAM Solutions Smart Cordless Screwdriver: Connects to the hotspot of the SWA5 Mini Client via WiFi and communicates with ELAM Solutions via OpenProtocol.
Hardware connectivity

How to connect Tools

The tools are preconfigured at the factory so that they can be used immediately. ELAM includes tools for your scanners, screwdrivers, pick-to-light modules and much more.

  1. Connect the SWA5 Mini Client to power and internet and connect the device to an external monitor (not included).
  2. Switch on the SWA5 Mini Client.
  3. Connect the USB scanner to the SWA5 Mini Client via any USB port.
  4. Insert any rechargeable battery into the ELAM Solutions Smart Cordless Screwdriver. The screwdriver automatically connects to the SWA5 Mini Client Hotspot when the battery is plugged in.

Note: The ELAM Smart Cordless Screwdriver is locked and unlocked via an OpenProtocol interface. When switched on, the screwdriver is locked by default and is only activated when a screwdriving step is active in the ELAM Assistant. The connection status can be viewed at any time in the ELAM assistant.

Display the connection status of the tools in the ELAM Assistant

In the ELAM assistant, you can display the connection status of the tools on the button to check whether your tools are connected.

  1. Click on the "Tool overview" button on the button
  2. Tools (scanner & screwdriver) are displayed at station 1

Note: Please note that after switching on the SWA5 Mini Client WiFi, all ELAM services require approx. 2-3 minutes until a connection to the devices can be established. When switching on, make sure that an active Internet connection is available. If the connection status does not change to "Connected", have your IT administrators ensure that ports 1883 & 8080 are enabled in your network. An overview of the network requirements can be found in this article.

How to start the variant Key Organizer in ELAM Assistant

To be able to install the Key Organizer, the Key Organizer variant must be started in the ELAM Assistant. The ELAM Assistant app can be opened on any browser (Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome browser).

As soon as the SWA5 Mini Client WiFi is started, the ELAM Assistant opens automatically in the foreground. In the ELAM Assistant settings, the station is displayed on the button and information on which starter kit system the app is connected to. Click "Continue" on the button to go to the start form.

ELAM Assistant Settings

The key organizer must be selected in the start form to start the variant. Alternatively, the enclosed QR code for the variant can be scanned using the scanner.

After scan, the system automatically checks whether the correct QR code has been scanned. If the scanned code matches the variant, the variant is automatically selected. If this is not the case, an information message is displayed indicating that no information was found for the scanned code. If the Key Organizer variant is selected, a serial number and a production order can optionally be scanned or entered manually using a keyboard.

Otherwise, you can simply click on the "Start" button and the flowchart will be loaded.

ELAM Assistant Start Form

After starting, you will be shown the steps for installing the key organizer. We hope you enjoy the instructions and, above all, that you have an error-free installation with the ELAM Solutions system!

FAQ/ Troubleshooting

A white window is displayed in the browser, what can I do?
  • Cause: The Internet connection cannot be established
  • Solution: The LAN cable must be plugged into the Cloud Ethernet socket (marked with "Cloud"). Ensure that an Internet connection is available. After plugging in, the SWA5 must be restarted so that all services are reinitialized during startup.

Scanners and screwdrivers do not communicate with ELAM Solutions

The following articles may clarify further questions: