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Kolver K-Ducer

Kolver K-Ducer

May 30, 2024
January 18, 2024

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In these articles you will learn how to connect a Kolver K-Ducer to ELAM via a Smart Work Assistant (SWA) 5 Client WiFi. Initially, the Kolver K-Ducer control establishes a direct network connection via Ethernet to the Smart Work Assistant. A Kolver K-Ducer controller is pre-installed on the SWA, via which ELAM activates and deactivates the tool..

Note: Communication with the Kolver K-Ducer runs only via the Open Protocol interface.

Technical requirements

To use the Kolver K-Ducer you need at least the following hardware:

  • SWA5 Mini Client WiFi or a SWA5 Client WiFi

Default Network Settings SWA

When delivered, the SWA has the following network settings by default:

IP address:

Subnet mask:

Port: 4545 (default port for Open Protocol Tools)

Network Settings for Kolver K-Ducer Controller

NOTE: You can find all the descriptions of the settings from the manufacturer at this link.

In this section you will learn how to set up the Kolver K-Ducer controller correctly so that the connection to the Kolver K-Ducer controller on the SWA can be established. To do this, connect the Kolver K-Ducer controller to power and connect the controller to the SWA via an Ethernet cable.

How to configure the Kolver K-Ducer controller:

  1. Open the menu.

Click on general settings.

Click on the button on page 2.

Set the settings on page 2 as follows:

  • CMD Ok-Esc-Reset: Ext
  • SWBX88/CBS880: OFF

Click on the button on page 3.

Set the settings on page 3 as follows:

  • LANGUAGE: <Any>
  • UNIT: Nm
  • DATE & TIME: <Any>

Click on the button on page 4.

Set the settings on page 4 as follows:

  • Protocol: OPEN PROTOCOL
  • IP ADDRESS: (This is the IP address of the controller. If you connect multiple controllers to a single SWA, the last digit of the IP address should fall within the range of 2 to 40, for example,
  • The controller can be found by the ELAM K-Ducer controller via this address.
  • MAC ADDRESS: is assigned automatically
  • Serves to prevent the spindle from being used as long as the pset of ELAM has been activated.

Click on the button on page 5.

Set the settings on page 5 as follows:

  • TOOLSNET SERVER IP: Not supported
  • TOOLSNET SERVER PORT: Not supported
  • Results FORMAT: CSV
  • The station name is the name of the controller / tool and is automatically taken over in the ELAM administration under Tools .

Apply settings on the button so that the controller establishes the connection to the ELAM K-Ducer controller on the SWA.

You should now see the message OPEN PROTOCOL NOT CONNECTED in the display. The ELAM K-Ducer controller automatically searches for a controller on the network every 60 seconds. Once the connection is successfully established, the message disappears from the display.

The connection to the ELAM K-Ducer controller is successfully established as soon as the message OPEN PROTOCOL NOT CONNECTED is no longer displayed. By default, the control is disabled with the STOP MOTOR ON info. Once a program is activated via ELAM, you can screw with the tool.

Create K-Ducer as a tool in ELAM

As soon as a new K-Ducer controller establishes the connection to the ELAM K-Ducer controller, the controller is automatically created as a tool in your ELAM system.

How to find and configure the newly created K-Ducer tool:

  1. Log in with your user in the ELAM administration
  2. Click Structures in the menu
  3. Open the Tools page
  4. Enter K-Ducer in the K-Ducer
  5. Note: If the Tools page is already open, you must refresh the page in the browser to request new data from the server.
  6. You should now see the name of the controller that you have stored in your controller and the controller's own IP address as the tool name.
  7. Click on the tool to open the details

New tools created in ELAM do not have an assignment to a station by default.

  1. Select a station where the tool will be used
  2. Click on the save button

Control K-Ducer with ELAM

Each tool is activated in the ELAM wizard when you start a flowchart and the respective step for bolting is activated.

  1. Drag the step for screwing into the flowchart
  2. Click on the step and open the details
  3. Select a mode for the control.
  4. Note: If you only use one screwdriver tool at your station, you can select the automatic mode. Otherwise use the control via the tool tag.
  5. Specify the number of fittings
  6. Enter the program number to be activated
  7. Save the flowchart
  8. Share the flowchart
  9. Assign the flowchart to a variant if necessary.
  10. Click on the wizard and start the variant at the station so that the flowchart is loaded.