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Assign Documents to Stations

Assign Documents to Stations

May 30, 2024
March 10, 2024

In this article, you will learn how to assign documents (images, videos or PDFs) to a station. This function enables you to provide station-related documents while production is taking place at the station. Documents are always assigned in ELAM Administration. Documents can be assigned to the station either under Stations > Open station > Assign document, or under Documents > Select / re-upload document > Assign stations.

How to assign documents to the station in ELAM Administration

In ELAM Administration, click on Stations > Open station > Assign document > Select existing documents or upload new ones > Save, to be able to assign existing or new documents to a station.

In ELAM Administration, click on Documents > Select / re-upload document > Assign stations > Save, to be able to assign one or more stations to the document.

How to open documents assigned to the station in the ELAM assistant

Assigned documents for the station can be opened at any time, even if no flowchart of a variant is active in the ELAM assistant. Click on Documents > Select document on the ELAM Assistant button to display a document.

Note: Users in the ELAM Assistant can open variant-related documents as well as station-related documents. Read this article on how to assign documents to variants.