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Update 2024-05-13 Notes

Update 2024-05-13 Notes

May 30, 2024
May 15, 2024

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  • Bug in the image editor fixed, because sometimes JPEGS could not be edited and the UI froze
  • Shortcuts for copy & paste in the image editor are supported with ALT + left mouse button and drag & drop
  • Image editor UI updated to show supported shortcuts
  • Export of components and variants is supported
  • UX/UI improvement when selecting or creating new lines in the station details improved
  • UX/UI improvement when selecting or creating new tool tags in the tool details improved
  • The name "Toolbox" in the Flowchart Editor has been changed to "Library"

Beta Version ERP-Connector

This feature can currently only be used by our test customers.

  • Beta version ERP-Connector is released for testing for selected customers. The ERP-Connector can be used to import production orders into ELAM Solutions. The following functions are available in the beta version:
    • Production Orders
      • Import
      • Delete
    • Variants
      • Import
      • Query
      • Update
    • Components
      • Import
      • Update
    • Retrievable data
      • Product Data
        • Variant-ID
        • Product Status
        • Date of import
        • Start time
        • End time
        • Throughput time
        • Assembly time
        • Stations
          • User
          • Components
            • Quantity
            • Scancodes
      • Production Order Data
        • Variant-ID
        • Quantity
          • Good
          • Bad
        • Overall Status
        • Import time
        • Starting time
        • Finish time
    • Serial numbers for products are generated automatically during import if serial numbers are sent during import
    • Releasing and blocking products
    • Bearer tokens for API authorizations can be generated in the UI