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Update-2024-03-19 Notes

Update-2024-03-19 Notes

May 30, 2024
March 18, 2024

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Please clear your whole browser cache on all devices, where you are using ELAM Solutions. How to clear the browser cache.

Optimizations ELAM Assistant

  • Text size in the checklist adjusted so that texts over 3 lines do not overlap
  • Information is displayed when a variant is started and no documents and flowcharts are assigned

Optimizations ELAM Administration

  • Flowchart Editor: An additional component can now be selected in the SmartTower step so that the next position for component removal can be advanced after acknowledgement.
  • Flowchart Editor: Image editor optimized
  • General: Problem fixed when using tool tags in the Flowchart Editor. Sometimes the tools were not activated via tags.
  • General: On the Flowcharts page, the page is automatically updated when a flowchart is copied.

Optimizations ELAM Analytics

  • Loading of product reports in the evaluation improved.


  • Backend for order management has been fully prepared
  • Backend prepared for Stahlwille and Ingersoll Rand so that the tool types "Stahlwille" and "Ingersoll Rand" can be automatically created and displayed as tools.