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Update 2024-02-13 Notes

Update 2024-02-13 Notes

May 30, 2024
February 9, 2024

Table of Content

Fixed Bugs

  • When right-clicking on a step in the flowchart, the step disappears
  • Special characters are not accepted in the "Value Comparison" step
  • In the assistant, the "Value Comparison" step shows the same status
  • Groups in the "PIN Authorization" step cannot be saved in the Flowchart Editor
  • Information is not hidden in a timely manner after a weight measurement when removing components from a SmartTower compartment
  • Previously loaded media such as images, PDFs, and videos are not loaded from the browser cache in the assistant
  • NOK scan steps are displayed correctly in the product history
  • In the value comparison step, the last value entered is automatically deleted


  • Updated UI theme in the ELAM Administration & Analysis
  • An information message is displayed in the assistant if there is no weight for the component
  • Scrolling with touch in the assistant has been optimized for faster UI responsiveness
  • UI optimized for mobile devices on Android and iOS
  • PDFs can be displayed on Android and iOS
  • Icon is displayed in ELAM Assistant if no image has been uploaded for the step

New Features

  • In the Flowchart Editor, individual steps can be previewed directly

Backend Update

  • The backend has been updated and prepared for the upcoming "Order Management" feature

General Planned Improvements

  • In February, a new ELAM Solutions system will be deployed in an Asian Azure data center to improve latency

Upcoming Features in the Next Update

  • Order Management in ELAM Administration - With this feature, manufacturing orders and serial number templates for products can be created and distributed to stations. Manufacturing orders can be centrally locked, released, or deleted. The order of manufacturing orders can be set so that they can be processed in a predefined sequence
  • New Station Mode - A new station mode can be activated per station, allowing employees at stations to only start assigned manufacturing orders
  • New Tightening Controls will be support for Ingersoll Rand & Stahlwille