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Update 2023-10-26 Notes

Update 2023-10-26 Notes

May 30, 2024
November 1, 2023

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A new ELAM Solutions version has been released.


  • List overviews for tools, variants, documents and parts have been optimized. Information is displayed in two lines.
  • Flowcharts can be assigned directly within the variant
  • Linked flowcharts are displayed in the list overview of the variants
  • Images, videos and PDF can be previewed in the list overview and flowchart editor
  • French, Danish and Chinese language translations have been updated
  • The very first time a flowchart is loaded, the Assistant caches media such as images, videos, and PDFs in the browser cache. When the flowchart is reloaded, the media is loaded from the cache instead of retrieved from the cloud server. This minimizes loading times.
  • In the Assistant settings, a benchmark test for latency and download speed can be performed.

New Features

Scan via USB camera in the ELAM Assistant

USB or integrated cameras can now be used for scans in the ELAM Assistant. Cameras are automatically read by the browser and can be used on the end device such as tablet or computer. There is a new button in the Assistant for capturing codes via camera. The new function can be used in the start form as well as in active scan steps in the flowchart.

More informations

Take photos via USB camera

In the flowchart editor there is a new step template "Take photo". If this step is activated, a photo can be taken in the active flowchart. The last photo taken will always be saved and displayed in the product history.

Tools for riveting are supported

New tool types for riveting are now supported in addition to screwdriver tools, so that the correct parameters for the setting force and stroke can be logged. A new step template has been added in the flowchart editor for this purpose. When this step is used, Bossard RivetTools can be activated.

New tool SmartTower is supported

New tool "SmartTower" is supported. The SmartTower can be used to simplify search times for component removals during production.

Learn more about the SmartTower in this article