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May 30, 2024
May 30, 2024

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In this article you will learn how to connect and control a SmartTower with ELAM Solutions.

Firewall Settings

In order to establish a connection between ELAM Solutions and SmartTower, in some cases the address and port in the firewall must be released by your IT department.

By default, the address and port are as follows:

  • Address: smarttower-mqtt.elam-solutions.com
  • Port: 8883

Connect SmartTower

The SmartTower is powered via a power supply unit and connected directly to the Internet via an RJ45 LAN cable. ELAM Solutions establishes the connection to the SmartTower directly via the cloud.

Set up SmartTower in ELAM

A SmartTower is created via the MAC address of the integrated controller in ELAM.

To create a new tower, proceed as follows:

  1. Click on Tools in the menu
  2. Click New Tool
  3. Click on SmartTower

In the next window, enter the 12-digit MAC address of the SmartTower and select a station where you want to use your SmartTower:

Note: The 12-digit MAC address of the SmartTower is located on the controller under the QR code and looks like this:

Configure SmartTower in ELAM

If the SmartTower was successfully created, you will see the standard information about the tower. In addition, further tower-specific settings are displayed under the "Discs and positions" area, which are read out with the first initialization of the tower.

Explanation of terms

Disc - designates one or more levels on the SmartTower that are read out automatically. Within a disc are the individual positions for the compartments.

Position - designates a fixed 18 positions of the trays. The number of positions / trays is fixed.

Click on the drop-down of a disc so that the individual positions are displayed.

So that you can place components in the correct compartments, the position can be approached via the "Activate" button. The components that are to be removed later can be placed in the position that has been moved to. The components are assigned via the drop-down menu.

Weight teaching

Optionally, individual components can be weighed. With the optional feature, component removals can be automatically acknowledged by the weighing function in the Assisant.

To do this, click on the "Teach weight" button. The compartment is automatically approached and the SmartTower LED lights up purple. Make sure that the compartment is empty before the teach function is activated. After you have clicked on the "Teach weight" button, the position is approached and the balance is tared to 0 g. Then place a single component in the compartment so that the weight is determined. Then save the weight and fill the compartment with components.

Note: Components weighing less than 6g should not be weighed. Inaccuracies occur when calculating the sample quantity multiplied by the weight. As a result, the system accuracy between the specified (target) and the actual (actual) withdrawal quantity deviates considerably. In such cases, we recommend that components under 6g be acknowledged manually on the tower.

Using SmartTower steps in the flowchart editor

In order to activate the SmartTower in an active flowchart and to remove components, a SmartTower template is provided. In the detail settings, the correct component with the extraction quantity can be specified, as well as an optional setting for the extraction type. The following setting can be selected for the removal type:

  • Manual acknowledgement - means that the removal is manually acknowledged by the operator at the tower. In this case, the LED lights up in blue color when the setting is active.
  • Measure weight - means that the removal by the weighing function is automatically acknowledged when the component weight has been taught. In this case, the LED lights up in turquoise color when the setting is active.

Move to next position

In the SmartTower step, you can also have the next component moved forward after the operator acknowledges the actual removal. To do this, select the next component to be moved forward in the optional field. This setting increases efficiency and drastically minimizes waiting times.

Note: Please note that the next component is automatically moved forward if the flowchart is canceled in the middle of an active SmartTower step (in the ELAM Assistant). The position automatically moves back again when the flowchart is continued.

Manual acknowledgement behavior

When a SmartTower step in the Assistant becomes active, the respective disc rotates to the correct component position. During manual acknowledgement, a blue LED from the button lights up. The button is pressed after the removal so that the removal can be acknowledged and the next step is displayed in the flowchart.

Weight measurement behavior

When a SmartTower step in the ELAM Assistant becomes active, the desired disc rotates to the correct component position. When confirming the weight, a turquoise LED lights up when the scale is ready to weigh the quantity to be removed.

Note: If components are removed before the scale is ready for measurement, the target and actual removal quantities are automatically calculated incorrectly. Optionally, the removal can be confirmed in the assistant by clicking the "Manual OK" button.

Data Sheet


Max height (2 discs): 66cm

Diameter: 90cm

Safety distance: 50cm

Technical Data

Weight: 40kg per disc / approx. 120kg total (excl. desk)

Max weight/disc: 100kg

Capacity: 18 boxes á 1,8L (max. 5kg/box) / 9 boxes á 4L (max. 5kg/box)


Power supply: 220V (Gateway) IP40 / 24V (Disc) IP20

Fuse of the power supply: 16A




Why are components with a low weight (e.g. less than 0,4g) not ideal for the weight function?
  • Mechanical influences: Vibrations and movements in the environment influence the accuracy of the scale. Because a single position is first approached before the scale is tared, the positions of the components change permanently, which means that measurement results are falsified and not constant.
  • Tolerance of the components themselves: If the components themselves already have a high weight tolerance (e.g. in the manufacturing process), this can influence the accuracy of the overall sampling measurement.

Which acknowledgement type should I take if the weight of components is less than 0,4g?
  • By using the manual acknowledgement on the SmartTower itself.

Do I need a SWA5 client to use the SmartTower with ELAM Solutions?
  • No. The SmartTower connects directly to an Internet socket via a LAN cable and establishes a connection to the ELAM Solutions Cloud.

Is the SmartTower automatically created in ELAM Solutions?
  • No. The SmartTower is created in the administration via a MAC address.

Can my SmartTower be created in multiple systems?
  • No. Technically ELAM checks if a valid MAC address exists which is not used in any ELAM system.