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December 4, 2023
September 15, 2023

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This article describes what data can be evaluated on the productivity page.

Finished products per line

The overview of completed products per line shows all variants that have been completed on the assigned lines. The view expands automatically when you have more lines and stations where variants are completed.

In addition, the total sum of all completed products across all variants is displayed.

Finished products per variant

In the overview of completed products per variant, the sum of individual variants that have been completed is displayed. The overview adapts to the filter settings here.

Another line chart shows how many variants have been completed over a time period.

Assembly time / Down time

The pie chart for assembly time / and tool life gives you an overview of the percentage of assembly time / and tool life for your variants.

Possibilities why the downtimes can be particularly high:

  • Variant is started in the Assistant on the previous day, canceled and completed on subsequent days
  • Components are missing so that the variant can be finally completed
  • One variant has an extremely high downtime compared to the others

Average assembly time per variant

In the bar chart of the average assembly time per variant, the y-axis shows the time in minutes that a variant needs on average to be completed. Individual variants are displayed on the x-axis.

If you set more than one variant in the filter, additional variants are displayed and the average assembly time (as a red line) is calculated from this over the filtered variants. This allows you to quickly see which variants are below and above the average assembly time.