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Function overview

May 30, 2024
September 27, 2023

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In the administration you can create, edit and control all your data for production.


 - Create: You can create new flowcharts for production flows.

 - Edit: Existing flowcharts can be modified.

 - Assign: Flowcharts can be assigned to product variants via assignments.

 - Versioning: Trace flowchart versions in a history.

 - Release: Release flowchart versions for production.

 - Delete: Unnecessary flowcharts can be removed.

 - View: All created flowcharts can be viewed.


 - Upload: Upload documents such as images (PNG, JPEG), PDFs and videos (MP4).

 - Assign: Assign documents to variants or stations.

 - Delete: Delete your documents when they are no longer needed.


 - Add: New components can be added to the database.

 - Edit: Details and information about the components can be updated.

 - Assign: Assign Pick to Light modules, SmartLabels or SmartTower compartments.

 - Delete: Components that are no longer needed can be deleted.

 - Search: Search the component list based on criteria.


 - Create: You can create different product variants.

 - Edit: The data and properties of a variant can be changed.

 - Remove: Variants that are no longer needed can be deleted.

 - Overview: Shows all available product variants.


 - Define: Define specific production stations.

 - Update: Change details and information about stations.

 - Remove: Delete stations that are no longer in use.

 - List View: All defined stations can be viewed here.


 - Add: Add new tools such as SmartLabel or SmartTower.

 - Edit: Change details and information about the tools.

 - Assignments: Assign your tools to stations so they can be used there.

 - Delete: Remove tools that are no longer needed.

 - Overview*: A list of all available tools.


 - Registration: New users can be added to the web application.

 - Profile settings: Users can change their personal data and settings.

 - Permissions: Define different user roles and their access rights.

 - Deletion: User accounts that are no longer needed can be removed.

Additional functions

- Support & help: An integrated help center with FAQs, tutorials, and support contact information.

Multilingual language support for the wizard, administration, and dashboard for reports.

- German
- English
- French
- Spanish
- Polish
- Danish
- Italian
- Chinese (Simplified)