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Create Stations

May 30, 2024
March 10, 2024

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This article is about how stations are created. In ELAM Solutions, a station reflects a workstation or an area where employees work in production. The station is always selected in the ELAM wizard when the application is loaded in the browser for the first time.

How to create a new station

From the Stations page, click on "New station" to create a new station.

Explanation of the station information

Name: Unique name of the station. The station is selected in the ELAM assistant under "Setting".

Comment: Optional field to store additional information as free text.

Line: Can optionally be entered as free text to group stations and provide a better overview. If no line is specified, the station is assigned under the entry without a line assignment.

User login: This function can be used to activate or deactivate a user login. If the function is activated, an employee must log in to the station in the ELAM Assistant with their personal PIN in order to be able to work.

Assigned tools: Lists all tools such as screwdrivers or scanners that are assigned to the station and can be used there.

Assigned documents: Lists all documents such as images, videos or PDFs that can be opened at the station at any time.