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Bossard SmartLabel

Bossard SmartLabel

June 10, 2024
June 10, 2024

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In this article you will learn how to control Bossard SmartLabels via ELAM.


In order for Smart Labels to be controlled via ELAM Solutions, the Smart Labels must be set up for you in ARIMS. A Smart Work Assistant is not required for communication with the SmartLabels. Communication runs via central APIs hosted in the cloud.

Create SmartLabels in ELAM

In order for the SmartLabels to be controlled later via ELAM Solutions, each SmartLabel must be created as a tool in the administration. Each SmartLabel has a unique label ID. You must specify the label ID manually when setting up the tool in ELAM Administration.

How to create SmartLabels in the administration:

Go to the Tools Overview page in the Administration and create a new tool.

  1. Select the SmartLabel tool type
  2. Enter a tool name
  3. Select a station where your SmartLabel will be used
  4. Enter the Label ID located on the back of the SmartLabel.
  5. Click save

Assign SmartLabel to a component

Each SmartLabel that is created as a tool must be assigned to a component so that it can be activated. Because only one component can be selected in the flowchart during the SmartLabel step, the SmartLabel LED is activated via the assigned component.  

How to assign SmartLabels to parts:

  1. Click on components in the menu
  2. Click on a component in the list or create a new component
  3. Click on the button assign module
  1. Select one or more SmartLabel modules
  2. Note: Several modules can be assigned to one component. Then all SmartLabel LEDs assigned to the component light up.
  3. Click on the Assign Module button
  1. The assigned module now appears in the list of assigned modules
  2. Click Save

Configure SmartLabel step in flowchart

A SmartLabel is activated via ELAM using a manually set timer (seconds). The LED lights up immediately when the step is activated in the flowchart and stops lighting automatically when the timer has expired.

How to configure a SmartLabel step in the flowchart:

  1. Drag the SmartLabel step into the flowchart
  2. Specify the seconds for how long the SmartLabel LED should light up
  3. Select your component that was previously assigned to the SmartLabel
  4. Specify the withdrawal quantity that the operator is to withdraw later.  

Note: In the Assistant, the operator will see also the Component ID / Name and withdrawal quantity.

Explanation of the SmartLabel specific fields:

  • Expiration time (seconds) - Optional
  • If nothing is specified, ELAM automatically enters 10 seconds.
  • Component* - Required
  • Select your component, which is linked to a SmartLabel. The part(part number + name) will be displayed later in the Assistant.
  • Withdrawal quantity* - Required
  • Specify the withdrawal quantity that will be displayed later in the Assistant.

Activate SmartLabel LED

If you want to test whether the SmartLabel LED is activated, you have to start the flowchart via the variant in the Assistant. Read also this article how to assign flowcharts to variants.

How to activate the SmartLabel LED:

Click on the Assistant in the menu

  1. In the Assistant, select the variant that you have previously assigned to your flowchart.
  2. Click Start on the button

3. Go to the SmartLabel step

The SmartLabel LED lights up immediately when the step is activated. The LED will automatically stop lighting when the time is up.

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