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May 30, 2024
May 30, 2024

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In this article you will learn how to use a Bitcube in ELAM Solutions.


To be able to use a Bitcube in ELAM Solutions, either a SWA5 Client WiFi or a SWA5 Mini Client WiFi is required as a gateway. The Bitcube is connected to ELAM Solutions via a LAN cable (RJ45), which is connected to the SWA. The Bitcube is powered via a separate power supply unit, which is included in the scope of delivery. This enables reliable and efficient integration of the Bitcube into your ELAM Solutions system.


  1. Remove the Bitcube from the packaging
  2. Connect the Bitcube to power via the 24V power supply unit
  3. Plug a LAN cable (RJ45) into the DHCP LAN socket of the SWA and into the LAN socket of the Bitcube.

Establishing a connection with ELAM Solutions

The Bitcube is automatically created as a tool in the ELAM Solutions system. The connection is established as soon as all LEDs stop lighting up.

Setup in ELAM Solutions

Once the connection has been successfully established, the Bitcube is automatically recognized and registered as a "Bitcube" in ELAM Solutions.

This is due to the easy communication via DHCP, which means that no manual network settings are required and the Bitcube must be assigned to a station so that it can be controlled in ELAM Solutions.

The bitcube is assigned to the station in ELAM Administration as follows:

  • Click in menu on Tools
  • Search for the MAC address of the bitcube (the MAC address of the bitcube is located on the label of the device).
  • Click on the tool
  • Select a station to which your Bitcube is to be used
  • Save your setup

Use Bitcube step in the Flowchart Editor

To be able to activate individual bits from the Bitcube, the Bitcube step must be used in the Flowchart Editor.

The use and configuration of the Bitcube step in the Flowchart Editor works as follows:

  1. Drag the Bitcube step from the library into the Flowcharts canvas
  2. Describe which bit is to be removed and select bits 1-6
  3. Save the change
  4. Release a new Flowchart version

Activate Bitcube

To control the Bitcube, it is necessary to activate the flowchart with the Bitcube steps in the ELAM Assistant. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Assistant
  2. Start your flowchart through a variant
  3. Go to the Bitcube step

This procedure allows you to activate the Bitcube according to the steps defined in the flowchart.

As soon as the Bitcube step is activated, the respective Bitcube LED 1-6 lights up in blue.

Meaning of the different colors:

  1. Blue- means that a bit must be removed
  2. Green- means that the correct bit has been removed
  3. Red - means that bits are missing and must be put back

The active Bitcube step in the ELAM Assistant looks like this:

Bitcube functionality

The Bitcube has a total of 6 slots that are equipped with integrated sensors. These sensors detect individual bits and use LEDs to signal which bit needs to be removed and which bits are missing and need to be plugged back in. A Bitcube step proceeds automatically when the "OK" status is reached, which means that the missing bits have been successfully reinserted and the correct bit has been removed.

Optional Connectivity

To connect several Bitcubes to one SWA (Smart Workstation Assistant), the use of a switch is recommended. The switch should be connected via the DHCP socket of the SWA. The bitcubes are then connected to the switch using LAN cables. This configuration enables efficient networking of several Bitcubes with your SWA and ensures smooth data flow and communication.


My Bitcube LEDs light up permanently in blue color, what does that mean?
  • Possible problem: There is a network fault. The Bitcube cannot establish a connection to the SWA
  • Solution: Disconnect the Bitcube from the power supply and wait 5 seconds. Reconnect the Bitcube to the power supply and wait approx. 30-60 seconds. If the behavior does not change, restart the SWA and wait 2-3 minutes. If the problem persists, please contact our technical support.
My Bitcube is not created as a tool in the administration, why is that?
  • Possible problem: The LAN plug on the SWA is not connected to the DHCP socket.
  • Solution: Insert the LAN plug into the DHCP socket of the SWA.