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Upload documents

November 15, 2023
September 11, 2023

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In ELAM Solutions, users have the ability to manage a variety of documents, including PDFs, images, and videos. These documents can be assigned to different stations or variants and are directly accessible from workstations. In the following article we explain how to upload, assign and view documents.

How documents are uploaded

Login with your user in the ELAM Administration app.

  1. Click on documents in the menu.
  2. Click on the "Select document" button or drag and drop a file into the upload area.
  3. Complete. The document is uploaded immediately with the selection from your explorer, or when you drag the document into the upload area.

How to assign document

After uploading documents, you can freely decide to which variants and/or stations you want to assign them.

From the list of available documents, click the document.

  1. Select your stations and/or variants under the assignments area.
  2. Click on Save.

Note: You can change the assignments at any time or permanently delete documents in the list.

How to view documents on workstations

The assigned documents can be accessed directly at workstations in the ELAM Assistant by users.

Open the ELAM Assistant and navigate to your station.

  1. Click on the "Documents" button. By default, all documents belonging to your workstation are displayed here.
  2. Select a document from the list to view.

If you would like to call up documents for your variant, you must select your variant in the start form or scan it. Documents for the variant are then displayed in a list. Optionally, the user can decide whether he would like to call up documents for the ward in a tab.

Examples of relevant documents

For stations: Instructions, safety information, maintenance logs. For example, a safety policy PDF could be assigned to a machine station to ensure operators always have access to important safety information.

For variants: Product specifications, instructions, materials. For example, a video highlighting the characteristics of a specific product variant could be uploaded and assigned to that variant to aid in the assembly process.

By uploading and assigning relevant documents, you improve efficiency and information availability within your organization. With the "Administration" application, the process is simple and straightforward.